At GNIPST, we believe in nurturing the potential of each student from the moment they step through our doors. Our unique mentorship programme, tailored for every individual after admission, serves as the cornerstone of our student support system. This comprehensive programme is designed to guide and counsel students not only in their academic pursuits but also in non-academic matters, empowering them to achieve the best in their personal and professional lives.

Revolutionizing Learning with Flip Teaching: In a pioneering move, GNIPST introduced flip teaching to the field of Pharmacy within the state. This innovative approach facilitates more interactive and engaging learning experiences during class time. In flip teaching, students watch lecture videos as homework, allowing classroom hours to be dedicated to meaningful discussions, practical applications, and collaborative problem-solving.

A Vibrant Hub for Student Life: GNIPST takes pride in its vibrant Students Life Centre, which houses eight clubs catering to diverse interests. These clubs offer a platform for students to engage in cultural activities, debates, extempore speeches, sports events, social service initiatives, as well as photography and painting endeavors. This multi-faceted approach promotes a well-rounded experience, aligning with the mandatory additional requirements prescribed by the University.

Enriching Educators through Faculty Development: As an academic institution committed to excellence, GNIPST consistently conducts faculty development programs. These initiatives create valuable opportunities for our teaching staff to enhance their knowledge and pedagogical skills. By empowering educators, we ensure our students receive the best guidance and support throughout their academic journey.

Practical Training and Internship Opportunities: At GNIPST, we understand the importance of practical exposure in shaping successful careers. Every undergraduate student undergoes industrial training and internships. These experiences not only equip them with hands-on skills but also make them eligible for registration with the State Pharmacy Council, paving the way for a rewarding professional career as a Pharmacist.