Program Specific Objectives for Biotechnology

  • Acquire vivid knowledge and information about fundamentals of Biotechnology which will focus on emerging and advanced technological concepts of Life science.
  • Acquire Knowledge in various aspects of Biotechnology enabling their application in Biopharmaceutical industry and Research.
  • Making students equipped with technological advancements by relating interdisciplinary aspects of Biotechnology.
  • Highlight the importance of IPR, Biosafety, Bioethics and inculcate the concept of entrepreneurship to produce next generation youth with efficient industrial skills.

Program Specific Objectives for Microbiology

  • Acquire knowledge and fundamentals of Microbiology with special reference to positive and negative impact of microbes on environment and its component.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in various division of Microbiology enabling their application in Pharmaceutical industry, Hospitals, Food industry and Research.
  • Acquire the knowledge of practical skills in understanding the technologies and methods associated with microbiology.
  • Highlight the importance of Microbiology in application in Agriculture, environment and other related fields associated with microbes and its efficient use.

Program Specific Objectives for Genetics

  • . Acquire Knowledge from the very basic of Gene to organism level related to interdisciplinary vision and its medical application.
  • . Integrate various aspects and classification of Genetics for greater understanding of molecular mechanism of various biological phenomena.
  • Acquire specific skills related to genetics for proper application in determining genetic disorder.
  • Highlight the importance of Genetics in the field of Medicine, Agriculture, Plant breeding forensic and research.